بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم is a non-profit website established to publish contemporary Islamic researches, with the hope of providing a venue where such issues can be reviewed and discussed between the Muslim scholars and intellectuals.

Our researches are in Arabic language, because this is the language of the holy Quran, Hadith, and the majority of the Moslem scholars writings accumulated throughout the various ages of Islam. Gathering and reviewing such information from its original sources is essential to ensure that none of the original meaning is lost or misinterpreted during translation, especially for the verses of the holy Quran and Hadith.

Although our researches are in Arabic language, and at this time, only few articles are published in English language, we will Inshaa’Allah put an effort to write brief articles in English language to summarize the outcome and conclusions reached in our studies, hoping to involve the very important and valued contribution of the non-Arab Muslim scholars, who during the history of Islam, have played a major role in advancing and enriching our culture and knowledge.

On the other hand, we consider translating the full published researches and studies is of great importance, but this is an enormous task beyond our means and ability. That is why, we welcome any serious party willing to carry out part or parts of this tremendous task, their reward like ours, will be Inshaa’Allah the blessings of Allah.

Finally, we are hoping that this site will become a virtual conference place or a kind of workshop for all serious open minded Muslim thinkers to review, share, discuss and hopefully guide and advance these researches.

In today’s world of vast; varied and specialized knowledge, which is continuously advancing and opening new fields and horizons, no one man can master and conclude any subject. However, serious studies and researches shall start from one point, then it should be placed in the open, to be reviewed by many intellectuals each in his or her specialized field, to scrutinize, examine and contribute toward advancing such research till it reaches its final or near final conclusion.

The main studies we are introducing in this site are:

Al Mudarabah:  a comprehensive research; which was printed couple of decades ago in a 440 pages book and was distributed to academics, scholars and intellectuals working in the various fields of Islamic banking & financial institutions. The whole book is published again in digital form in this website, providing a valuable reference and materials useful to researchers, economists and bankers.

The research reviewed and listed the conditions of the Mudarabah contract, and its application in our modern times, and showed that it can be safely used as it has a built in, adequate safe guards and conditions to equally protect the interest of the two partners and to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the business transaction. It also provides the means to justly measure the value of each party’s contribution and accordingly its fair share of the profit. More detailed brief will be published on page ‘Menu/Al Mudarabah/Introduction’.  

Al Zakat: Scholars have differed since early Islam on the rules of and dues under Zakat. Based on the Quran, Sunnah, Hadith, and the other Islamic sources, the research provides a different and new understanding to this religious duty (فريضة الزكاة), leading to a well-defined rule applicable equally to all types of money, investments and economical activities. More detailed brief is published on page ‘Menu/Al Zakat’.

Creation: At this 21st century, the issue of creation is still troubling all religions, and the debate is still as engaged as it was 160 years ago, when the concept of evolution was first published. However, we –Moslems- are blessed with the holy book which was revealed to our prophet (PBUH) some 1400 years ago.

Our research methodology is 1) to gather and list all the relevant verses in the Quran which cover the topics of creation, the observed universe and life. In the same time, 2) review and summarize the latest scientific theories and concepts covering various fields of the present human knowledge, 3) review and study the early scholars interpretations of the gathered Quranic verses relevant to this subject. 4) we looked at the direct meaning of the words as listed in the early accepted Arabic dictionary books (Ma’ajem  معاجم اللغة), to reach the direct meaning of the Quranic verse.

In all the verses we studied; the direct interpretation of these verses did not disagree with any of the contemporary scientific understandings, including the concepts of evolution and the creation of the universe. This research extended to almost 400 pages, with chapter 3 dealing with the creation of man and chapter 4 dealing with the creation of the universe and with the physics of the observed world. More detailed brief will be published on page ‘Menu/Creation’.

We sincerely hope that you will read and contribute to this research. May Allah bless this great nation and direct us to the straight path.