بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

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Detailed Study of Al Mudarabah Contract’ is published in Arabic Language. We are looking for assistance to carry out translating the book from its Arabic language. 

At this stage; all Articles written in English language are published under “Menu” listed here above and in the Home Page top Menu.

Al Mudarabah:  a comprehensive research; which was printed couple of decades ago in a 440 pages book and was distributed to academics, scholars and intellectuals working in the various fields of Islamic banking & financial institutions. The whole book is published again in digital form in this website, providing a valuable reference and materials useful to researchers, economists and bankers.

The research reviewed and listed the conditions of the Mudarabah contract, and its application in our modern times, and showed that it can be safely used as it has a built in, adequate safe guards and conditions to equally protect the interest of the two partners and to ensure a satisfactory outcome of the business transaction. It also provides the means to justly measure the value of each party’s contribution and accordingly its fair share of the profit. More detailed brief will be published on page ‘Menu/Al Mudarabah/Introduction’.  



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